I want your overall session experience to be as fun and easy on you and your pet as possible.  To inquire and book a session, you want to first contact me and this can be done VIA phone call or email.  During your booking we can discuss what your vision is for your session along with my own so we can create a gallery that suits your pet(s) personality! 

My sessions typically done in natural light.  We can go to a local park your pet is familiar with or simply in your backyard.  If mother nature does not cooperate, we can take the session indoors to your home or reschedule. 

I offer life style sessions as well that are conducted your home. These sessions are intended to capture your pet in your natural, comfortable environment. 

Within 2 weeks after the session I will notify you your gallery is finished. The carefully edited photos are then uploaded onto an online gallery. I will then send you a link VIA email and you can view and decide if you want to purchase prints or albums. 


                                      Some common questions or concerns:

"My pet(s) don't know many commands" -That's OK! We just may need to take a little extra time with your pet to make sure we get a great shot. 

"My pet(s) won't sit still very long" - Most pet(s) especially dogs are so excited to see a different person and get so much attention, sometimes getting them too sit still can be a challenge.  Not to worry!  I may ask for your help to get them to stay and we can incorporate leashes as well to help.

"Can humans be in the pictures"- Of course!  If you take a look at galleries that I have done in the past you will see most of them have humans in them. I encourage my clients to be involved in the shots as much as they want.  If you don't want to be in the pictures, that is okay too.